A Trilingual Preschool Established in 1988
Beautiful Beginnings Give Your Child The Best Start In Life A place where children
explore, share, laugh and grow

Welcome to AZ Preschool.

The only preschool in Malaysia with experienced Specialist Children Doctor as Child Development Consultant.

• A Trilingual Preschool established in 1988.

• Nurtured more than 10,000 preschool graduates.

• Hybrid Pedagogy (Blended Learning)

– S.T.E.A.M.-based Learning
– Play-based Prepared Environment
– Montessori-based Approach
– Integrated Thematic World Education
– UK English (Cambridge English and Jolly Phonics)


Our Philosophy

Education for All, Nurturing Future Leaders

We firmly believe that every child can be coached and guided to realise their potential and later to be able to contribute to our community and nation at large.

How Children Develop in AZ?

Support Invention
Promote Divergent Thinking
Nurture the Love of Learning
Encourage Resiliency and Persistence
Develop Problem-Solving Skills
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