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About Us

The only preschool in Malaysia with an experienced Specialist Children Doctor as Child Development Consultant.

AZ is a Malaysian homegrown Trilingual Preschool established in 1988. We bring the excellence of hybrid pedagogy early childhood education model to children in Malaysia and around the world.

We are the 21st century early learning centre. With our passionate teachers and quality curriculum, we aim to give every child a solid foundation that builds growing learners for life.

At AZ, education is an exploration. We provide holistic learning experiences that explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (S.T.E.A.M.), Nature, Thematic, Play-based and Montessori-based learning to help them connect and give meaning to the world around them.

We firmly believe education is not a chore, but a joyous exploration of life’s mysteries.

Our Story

The idea to develop AZ preschool grew when both Mr and Mrs Liew, the founders of AZ, both from challenging childhoods, recognised and believed that every child deserves access to quality early childhood education. Fast forward 32 years, AZ is now headed by their second-generation leaders. The latter aim to propel AZ preschool branding as the leading trilingual preschool in Malaysia while continually serving the founders’ commitment to delivering a quality holistic early childhood education for every child.

Our contribution to our community is to give our future generation of learners a solid foundation needed for a lifetime of educational success and also being someone with social responsibility.


To give every child a solid foundation that builds growing learners for life.


To watch, nurture and follow every child, leaving no child behind.

Our Philosophy

Education for All, Nurturing Future Leaders

The AZ Way
Leaving No Child Behind

At the heart of AZ, we believe every child is capable of greatness. With the coaching and guidance of early years educators, children can develop in ways that will humble and amaze us. At AZ, teachers play a vital role as the observer and mentor. They are responsible for watching, nurturing, and following every child, understanding what they need, following their interests, seeing where they are developmentally, and guiding them through challenges, leaving no child behind. It should not matter how slowly a child learns as long as we encourage them not to stop.

Happy Learner
Every child has the profound right to grow and learn in a stress-free and joyous environment. At AZ, we are committed to creating a calm, nurturing and resource-rich learning environment where children feel safe and are encouraged to explore, move, learn and share through purposeful play.

Our Logo

The acorn, seed of the oak tree, is a symbol of growth and unlimited potential.

The logo is composed of the letter mark and pictorial mark. The letter “a” is creatively constructed to create the shape of an acorn nut (seed that forms the mighty oak tree), symbolises quality early childhood education is the most important building block for a child’s holistic development. The letter “a” combined with the letter “z” sits in the acorn nut, and it uniquely forms the brand name of AZ. The nature-based colour sets a tone of calm and belonging that conveys the learning environment of every AZ centre in which children can flourish.

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